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Ticketek Rewards rewards you in more way for sharing your valuable opinions and completing surveys. You earn Ticketek Dollars for every survey you complete that can be redeemed for a range of gift cards from Ticketek as well as your favourite brands including Farmers, Kathmandu, Sunglass Hut, Supercheap Auto, Apple iTunes, charities and many more. In addition, every month you complete a survey you'll go in the draw to win tickets for a range of great live events on offer that month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ticketek Rewards is an online community, where you can earn rewards by participating in a range of activities. Ticketek Rewards can be earned by giving your opinions and feedback via surveys. Collect your Ticketek Rewards and redeem them from a range of gift cards from your favourite brands including Farmers, Kathmandu, SunglassHut, Supercheap Auto, Apple iTunes, Charities and many more!

There are no costs involved with joining or maintaining an account with Ticketek Rewards. All you need is an email address to register and you will receive invitations to participate in surveys and offers to earn Ticketek Reward dollars.

By registering with Ticketek Rewards, you are opting in to join our rewards community. You will receive invitations to participate in market research surveys from Ticketek Rewards on behalf of our clients. Your opinions are important and go towards developing and improving products and services.

Market research surveys vary and have different requirements. There will be times where you will be invited and depending on your responses, you may complete a whole survey or only answer a couple of questions.

If you don't qualify you are taken out of the survey and you will only be credited the minimum amount into your account. If you do qualify, you will continue to answer questions. If you complete the survey you will be credited the maximum amount in your account. Once we fill the number of people requested by the client, they close the survey.